Barrel workshop


Martinpiha's Barrel Workshop

From Martinpiha's Barrel Workshop you can buy authentic, used wooden winebarrels and products made from them.  We are constantly developing new products from these oak barrels, below you see some of them. Also barrels for maturition.

Dark, treated barrel: starting from 279,-                                 
Used winebarrel 225 ltr: starting from 259,-
Splitted barrel: 149,-
Half barrel: 129,-                                                
Quarter of a barrel: 79,-
Bar cabinet: starting from 449,-                                               
Bar table (low): 169,-                                   
Glascovers: 70cm 89,-
New light decoration barrel, chestnut 239,-
Barchairs starting from 89,-
Footrest, iron from 89,-


Prices might vary depending on availability and the quality/age of the barrel. All prices are ex-works Lohjansaari, Finland.

You can buy from us also smoking chips made from the oak casks used in the breeding process of wines and spirits. , the wood is oak casks particularity, its great aromatic, fruit of a long and careful roasting, that interact with the aromas and flavors of wine or spirits that have held create within it a unique product in the market.