Opening hours June-July: Sat-Sun 11-15.

Vintage Wintti with a small cafeteria. Very good priced furnitures, vintage products, pots & pans, crystal, Arabia dishes,  home decor, collector's items ect. ect.  In the ceramic shop 50% off all items.

Kippo & Kuppi: Spanish traditional ceramic pottery  (which you can use on open fire, in the owen, wash in the dishwasher). Our ceramic owen casserols, plates, pots and articles are all suitable also for restaurant use. We also have flower pots and wrought iron products.

Muki & Mutter: Householdgoods, flower pots, garden and kitchen articles and tools, toys, giftarticles, small tools ect.


Barrel shop: Used winebarrels and different articles manufactured from the oakbarrels like rainwaterbarrels, halfbarrels for your herbgarden, bartables, shelves, bar cabinets ect.
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