Summer restaurang


KahvilaravintolaCaferestaurang "Venta La Riihi"

In Martinpiha's Caferestaurang Riihi you can enjoy real Spanish tapas, icecream, homemade pies and cakes, lunch.  You can also have a glas of wine with your food. Free wifi for our customers.

In our shops you can make some real bargins ! Spanish ceramics (which you can use on open fire, in the owen, wash in the dishwasher), summer clothes, hats and bags, jewelry, giftware, household goods etc. Come and have a look at: Kippo&Kuppi, Rättiliiteri, Multa&Sormi sekä Antique&Humpuque -shops ! You can also buy real oak barrels and different products made of these from the Barrel Workshop.

You can come to us also by boat. Our harbour is in Seppälänsalmi.



Opening hours for our Summerrestaurant and the shops:


Sat-Sun: 11-16


Tue-Fri: 11-18

Sat-Sun: 11-16

Mon: closed