The history of Martinpiha can be traced back as far as the year 1571 when Finland was ruled by Sweden. Surveys were made on all farms and houses, and Marttila (the name of the farm during this time), with the padron Michel Larsson informed that their fortune consisted of 3 pounds of copper, one horse, 2 cows, one sheep and personal property worth 28 markkaa (nowadays about 5 euros). Obviously the farm wasn't poor, because in the same catalog was mentioned "two houses, poorer". The buildings were not mentioned, but propably the main building has been situated on the same place as today. Abraham Jöransson was born in 1658, and his father Jöran Hindersson was Marttila's padron when the oldest part of the mainhouse was built in 1693. This part of the house (kitchen) was for many years a smoke cabin (ie. no chimney). The house was expanded in 1818 when the building of the dining hall was begun. The padron was Abraham Niilonpoika. In 1901 when another survey was made, the padron was Johan Marttelin. In the household lived 8 people in addition to the padron. Residential rooms were 4, horses 3, cows 6, sheep 8 and one pig. Financial assets were not questioned, but the farm was mentioned as independant. According to the survey there was also enough pasture and forestland. The last padron from the Marttelin family was Akseli Elias Marttelin until year 1973. When he died, the farm was split and sold. The courtyard is maintained as it has been for hundreds of years, and the intension is to maintain it so for the coming years too.

The first picture shows the mainbuilding in 1940's. The ash trees were big already then. The next picture shows the Marttila people in 1943, having a coffee break from haymaking. The stables are shown in 1950's. Mainbuilding and buildings in the 1950's. The last picture shows the Marttelin sisters and relatives in front of the mainbuilding.



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