Summerprogram 2019


Wed 1.5 Vappu and Summer Opening with Desperados band between 1230 -1530hrs. Come for tapas and check out our new items in the shops.







Trubaduuri Iida Häkli

Pianisti laulaja Iida Häkli

Sun 12.5 Traditional Mother’s Day lunch will be served in the Attic. Iida Häkli will perform during the lunch. Iida is a charismatic pianist-singer with a dark and soft sound.

Lunch is served between 1230-1530. Please arrive latest at 14 o’clock.
Reservations: or by phone: 010 322 0070

Menu will be updated later. 



Kipi & Hiltton group

Sat 22.6 Midsummerday Kipi & Hiltton Group perform in Venta la Riihi’s terrace between 13-16 hrs. Kipi & Hiltton Group is a party-, pop-, rock and dancemusic orchestra with experienced musicians. They play everything from steelguitarmusic, finnish classics and dancemusic to legendary pop- and rockmusic. Free entrance !







Pint o' The Times

Sun 30.6 Pint o' The Times perform on the terrace between 1230-1530. Pint o´ The Times is a trio that plays Irish folk music with a great passion and energy. You can enjoy the trio’s song, violin, guitar and double bass playing together seamlessly. Be prepared for energetic Irish music and the best vibes in the form of drinking songs and jigs. Free entrance !









Mika Peltonen


Sun 7.7 performs musician and troubadour Peltone between 1230-1530. Mika is also known from Radio Suomi who has played his hits. His repertoire contains also Finnish rock classics from Juice, Hector, Samuli Putro, Hurriganes, Kolmas nainen, Zen Cafe, Dingo, Tuure Kilpeläinen, Miljoonasade, Popeda etc. Not to forget foreign classics from eg. Beatles, Elvis, Dire Straits, Springsteen, CCR. Free entrance !





Stompin' Riot trio

Stompin' Riot

Sun 14.7 between 1130-1530 hrs Martinpiha’s Traditional Exhibition for Old Cars, motorcycles and bikes. Bring your own treasure!  In charge of the music is Stompin’ Riot -trio. This rock'n'roll-trio (kontrabase-guitarr-drums-song), bases it’s sound on rhythm music and rockabilly. When the band has fun on the stage, also the audience enjoy. Free entrance !





Trubaduuri Harri Mäkinen

Harri Mäkinen

Sun 21.7 performs Harri Mäkinen between 1230-1530 on Venta la Riihi’s terrace. This troubadour  comes from Tampere. We will hear easy-going finnish music from many decades ago, to present years. Free entrance ! 







Duo Mojitos

The Mojitos

Sun 28.7 between 1230-1530 perform The Mojitos who play swinging music with a cheerful touch. In the spirit of New Orleans you will hear familiar and classical tunes, and also funny versions of some newer songs. You can also wish your favorite song.

Johannes Salomaa – saxophone
Risto Kumpulainen - piano