Summerprogram 2018 will be updated early in year 2018.

Martinpiha summerprogram 2017  


Desperados band

Desperados bandi

Sun 30.4 Vappu and Summer Opening with Desperados band
in Venta La Riihi between 1230-1530. Free entrance !







Ville Pohjankoski Martinpihalla

Kitaristi Ville Pohjankoski

Sun 14.5 Traditional Mother’s Day lunch will be served in the Attic.
Guitarist Ville Pohjankoski is in charge for the entertainment. Ville
plays the classic guitarr, and his repertoire  consists of classical music, latin,
bossa nova, jazz, Beatles and old film music classics. Pleasant to listen to
while enjoying lunch.

Price: /person. Lunch is served between 1230-1530 (please arrive latest at 14 o’clock).

Reservations: or by phone: 010 322 0070.




Kipi Hiltton Group

Kipi Hiltton Group Martinpihalla

Sat 24.6 Midsummerday Kipi & Hiltton Group
perform in Venta la Riihi’s terrace starting at 14.
Kipi & Hiltton Group is a party-, pop-, rock and
dancemusic orchestra with experienced musicians.
They play everything from steelguitarmusic,
finnish classics and dancemusic to legendary
pop- and rockmusic: GIMME SOME LOVING!
Free entrance !


Pint o' The Times

Sun 2.7 Pint o' The Times perform on Venta la Riihi’s terrace
between 1230-1530. Pint o´ The Times is a trio that plays Irish folk music
with a great passion and energy. You can enjoy the trio’s song, violin, guitar
and double bass playing together seamlessly. Be prepared for energetic Irish
music and the best vibes in the form of drinking songs and jigs. Free entrance !






Duo Kuume

Duo Kuume

Sun 9.7 Duo Kuume perform on Venta la Riih’s terrace between 1230-1530.
Duo Kuume is an acustic cover duo, who plays new and old pop/rock favorits.
Great feeling for a Sunday afternoon. Free entrance !








Martinpiha Duo Wanha Swengi

Wanha Swengi duo

Sun 16.7 between 1130-1530 hrs. Martinpiha’s Traditional
Exhibition for Old Cars,
motorcycles and bikes. Duo Wanha Swengi
(Tuomas Lehto ja Tomi Kettunen)is in charge for the music. Free entrance !





Raittisen Jussi & The Boys

Jussi and The Boys


Sat 22.7 at 1930-2400 hrs Finland 100 years, Jussi & The Boys 50+.
Let’s rock n’roll and spend a nostalgic evening with Jussi Raittinen & The Boys
in Martinpiha’s Attic. Party starts at 1930 hrs, the band starts to play at 21.
Tickets 15,- (reservations from our restaurant or by e-mail,
tickets also at the door).






Raittisen JussiSun 23.7 Rockilegend Jussi Raittinen performs on Venta La Riihi’s
terrace starting 13 hrs.  Great rock n’roll and funny stories.






Joachin Luis Hernandez

Joachin Luis Hernandez

Sun 30.7 Luis Hernandez performs on Venta La Riihi’s terrace between 1230-1530.
The Mexican-finnish Luis is a talented, stylish and startling performer. He he creates a warm and
international atmosphere singing in finnish, english and spanish.