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Su 18.7 Matti Oksa in Martinpiha

Sun 18.7 Troubadour Matti Oksa perform between 1230-1530 on Venta la Riihi’s terrace. Matti has been performing in many different assemblies since he was a teenager. He sounds like a small band, but looks like a troubadour. His performing style also include a lot of humor, and it works both for mothers and fathers -…
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Irish music with Pint O’The Times Sun 11.7

Sun 11.7 Pint o' The Times perform on Venta la Riihi’s terrace between 1230-1530. Pint o´ The Times is a trio that plays Irish folk music with a great passion and energy. You can enjoy the trio’s song, violin, guitar and double bass playing together seamlessly. Be prepared for energetic Irish music and the best…
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Caribian duo Sun 4.7

Su 4.7 Duo Daniel Baro & Alexis Neyra perform in Venta la Riihi 1230-1530. This Cuban duo brings the Caribbean sun and warm salsa rhythms to Martinpiha. The duo plays traditional Cuban boleros, Son and Salsa, popular Latin hits, fast-paced Cha Cha cha, merengue, romantic bachata and much more. The song list includes e.g. the…
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